We Need a New Federal Public Works Project to Employ Americans

For a history of the original Public Works Project, see this link: http://www.nps.gov/archive/elro/glossary/pwa.htm

America’s infrastrure needs work and millions of Americans are unemployed. Hire them! Have them work on CLEAN ENERGY so we can stop using oil and other fossil fuels.

Let me know what you think!


4 thoughts on “We Need a New Federal Public Works Project to Employ Americans

  1. I’m a 99er in Texas and I’m desperate! Tuesday, 10 Aug 2010 at Noon

    Tier 5 folks, I need your help FAST.
    Do you have any readers in Dallas, Fort Worth, Mid-Cities area of Texas?

    Our Message: Washington corruption is what put 99ers in the position we’re in today. They’ve snubbed the people they reduced to poverty. The longest-unemployed-workers did not create this depression, Washington did; with failure to regulate the banks, health industry, and corporations.

    The EVENT is Tuesday:”Fight Washington Corruption Action” Here are the event details: Rep. Kenny Marchant’s District Office 9901 East Valley Ranch Parkway, Suite 3035 Irving, TX 75063

    Please help me, I’ve never done this b4 & I’m scared I’ll be alone.
    JOIN ME plus invite others to sign up for event, use this link:http://pol.moveon.org/event/pledgerally/106035

  2. What concerns me is that public works won’t work for people like me, whose physical condition simply will not permit proper labor. What about sit-down workers who can’t get work for love or money, but don’t quite qualify for disability? Nowadays, even paper-pushers have to have four-year degrees…

    1. I think you’re making several incorrect assumptions. I’ve worked in government on a project that transformed 5 miles of dilapidated shoreline and piers into a world-class park. There were MANY people who were needed to work non-physical labor jobs that did not require college degrees. In fact, I would say that half of the staff fit this description, easily.

  3. There is an epidemic of violations public safety, fraud, and corruption laws that are directly related to labor law violations in government entities and US corporations. Despite this Ethics Commissions, AGs & IGs are unresponsive to labor violation complaints in workplaces and government, even when proof is submitted, tax dollars are misused, and there are rampant ethics, safety, and other compliance violations. The EEOC, OSHA, and State Divisions of Human Rights are underfunded and understaffed, thus their responses to these complaints are almost always delayed and insufficient.

    Given that all government employees are required to report legal and ethical noncompliance, mandatory imparital investigations must be implemented without exception and accompanied by absolute prevention of unlawful retaliation against complaining employees. There must be a freeze on any termination of any complaining employee while a sound, impartial, unbiased and thorough investigation is completed, and even afterwards, retaliation against complainants must be prevented.

    Violations of EEO, OSHA, public safety, retaliaiton protections, whistleblower protections, ADA, union-protections and fraud/corruption prevention laws must be classified as serious crimes that result in prosecution. There is extremely insufficient protection for employees who use apropriate channels to report noncompliance in both government and corporate workplaces.

    Currently, legal compliance with US labor laws is essentially optional for corporate and government workplaces. Only employees who can afford lawyers have a chance of recourse. Most lawyers will not take cases on contingency, even if complaining employees can prove employer noncompliance with labor and other laws. When there is rare justice, it comes years later – often after unlawful termination and great damage to health, families, and finances.

    Most legitimate employee complaints are dismissed by noncompliant employers who unlawfully retaliate against these employees, terminate their employment and health coverage and pay them a small sum for which they are desperate and on which they are taxed. This money almost always comes with a gag order, the dismissal of the complaint with government authorities so there is never an investigation, and the continued employment of those guity of serial noncompliance and other violations of law, which remain unremediated.

    Many General Counsel attorneys falsely believe their duty is to protect the corporation by any means instead of ensuring legal compliance and remediating noncompliance according to non-retaliation laws. GCs who knowingly cover up unlawful practices in corporations and government entities must be addressed by the criminal justice system and BAR associations given the enormous financial fraud perpetrated upon taxpayers and shareholders when significant funds are used to unlawfully retaliate against employees who exercise their rights to complain about noncompliance. When this occurs in government entities, it is fraudulent misuse of taxpayer money.

    These crimes are epidemic and do require deterrence in the form of large fines, improved processes for complaining employees, and guaranteed sound impartial investigations into unlawful practices, even whenthere are settlements with complaining employees. Gag orders need to be made unlawful, regardless of settlements with employees.

    Please Sign this Petition @change : Demand Legal Compliance in US Workplaces http://chn.ge/bO31L8

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