For HR/OD Professionals

The HR Toolkit: An Indispensable Resource for Being A Credible Activist by Denise A. Romano

The HR Toolkit is the must have handbook if you’re looking to skillfully identify, diplomatically address, and strategically resolve any issue that confronts your organization. Including a handy indexed listing of the most common workplace conflicts and solutions for ease-of-reference, expert author Denise A. Romano, MA, EdM provides practical and actionable ways to empower and educate HR professionals and management.

Aligning with business and organizational goals does NOT include engaging in or turning a blind eye to unlawful and/or unethical actions.


The HR Toolkit: An Indispensable Resource for Being A Credible Activist was named an HR “Books in Brief” Best-Seller! Each month HR Magazine reviews HR and management books. Read the reviews for the following books on the SHRMStore site or in your issue of HR Magazine.



Praise for The HR Toolkit
“Dozens of sample memos, policies, training aids, exercises, checklists and more that readers can use immediately for a wide range of HR tasks. Author Denise A. Romano, an HR professional for more than 14 years, does more than offer sample documents and review laws relevant to HR. She urges HR professionals to be “credible activists” who are willing—and well-trained enough—to point out when their companies are violating laws or just handling things improperly through inadvertent errors. She also addresses HR professionals’ worries—including advising them on coping with workplaces that devalue HR. ”
—SHRM/HR Magazine

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This book will help you identify and address workplace dysfunction, recommend improvements for the workplace, and remain within ethical and legal parameters valued by HR/OD professionals. It will give every HR professional— – no matter what their position or educational level— – the tools to articulate his or hertheir concerns to the right people in management in a way that increases the likelihood of a positive outcome. This book will also help you discern the best ways to spend your company’s training allowance or your own personal training allowance, if you are lucky enough to have those. I encourage Emotional Intelligence (EI) assessment and skill development for every HR/OD professional, corporate leader, supervisor, consultant, coach, and trainer. It will only make you even better at what you do than you already are.

This book will also cover some common pitfalls any of us can encounter, and I encourage you to keep it nearby, as you never know when one of these situations will pop up. As we who work in HR/OD know, work is never dull. I also hope you will check out the LinkedIn Group I created for Credible Activists and join us in our quest for legally and ethically compliant corporate governance. This group keeps growing.

Resolve any HR issue in a snap!

The HR Toolkit provides what you need to resolve every imaginable challenge— saving your company time and money.

With a handy indexed listing of the most common workplace conflicts and solutions, The HR Toolkit offers simple, actionable techniques you can start using right away. In no time, you’ll be an expert on every issue and situation you face, including:

Conflict Resolution
Performance Management
Job Design
Employee Selection
Workplace Culture
Codes of Ethics
Medical Leave
Fair Labor Standards
Workplace Violence and Bullying
Competitive Corporate Governance (TM)

The HR Toolkit packs everything you need into one handy volume to help you increase both productivity and your company’s bottom line by solving problems with diplomacy and skill.

Denise A. Romano has an MA in Organizational Psychology and an EdM in Counseling Psychology from Columbia University, as well as an MFA in Writing from Naropa University. She has more than 14 years of experience working in the Human Resources and Organizational Development (HR/OD) field in government, nonprofit, and for-profit companies, including 6 additional years of whistleblower activity. She has built two different HR/OD departments from the ground up.

Please visit my Workplace Credible Activist Group on LinkedIN, as well. Tell YOUR Story here.

Here is a letter you may send to your President, Congresspeople and State Congresspeople, Governor, Attorney General, State or City Inspector General, State Labor Department, HR professionals and Leaders at your job, union leaders, clergypersons, and anyone else you can think of:

There is an epidemic of violations of public safety, fraud, and corruption laws that are directly related to labor law violations in government entities and US corporations. Despite this epidemic – Ethics Commissions, AGs & IGs are unresponsive to labor violation complaints in workplaces and government, even when proof is submitted, tax dollars are misused, and there are rampant ethics, safety, and other compliance violations. The EEOC, OSHA, and State Divisions of Human Rights are underfunded and understaffed, thus their responses to these complaints are almost always delayed and insufficient.

Given that all government employees are required to report legal and ethical noncompliance, mandatory imparital investigations must be implemented without exception and accompanied by absolute prevention of unlawful retaliation against complaining employees. There must be a freeze on any termination of any complaining employee while a sound, impartial, unbiased and thorough investigation is completed, and even afterwards, retaliation against complainants must be prevented.

Violations of EEO, OSHA, public safety, retaliaiton protections, whistleblower protections, ADA, union-protections and fraud/corruption prevention laws must be classified as serious crimes that result in prosecution. There is extremely insufficient protection for employees who use apropriate channels to report noncompliance in both government and corporate workplaces.

Currently, legal compliance with US labor laws is essentially optional for corporate and government workplaces. Only employees who can afford lawyers have a chance of recourse. Most lawyers will not take cases on contingency, even if complaining employees can prove employer noncompliance with labor and other laws. When there is rare justice, it comes years later – often after unlawful termination and great damage to health, families, and finances.

Most legitimate employee complaints are dismissed by noncompliant employers who unlawfully retaliate against these employees, terminate their employment and health coverage and pay them a small sum for which they are desperate and on which they are taxed. This money almost always comes with a gag order, the dismissal of the complaint with government authorities so there is never an investigation, and the continued employment of those guity of serial noncompliance and other violations of law, which remain unremediated.

Many General Counsel attorneys falsely believe their duty is to protect the corporation by any means instead of ensuring legal compliance and remediating noncompliance according to non-retaliation laws. GCs who knowingly cover up unlawful practices in corporations and government entities must be addressed by the criminal justice system and BAR associations given the enormous financial fraud perpetrated upon taxpayers and shareholders when significant funds are used to unlawfully retaliate against employees who exercise their rights to complain about noncompliance. When this occurs in government entities, it is fraudulent misuse of taxpayer money.

These crimes are epidemic and do require deterrence in the form of large fines, improved processes for complaining employees, and guaranteed sound impartial investigations into unlawful practices, even when there are settlements with complaining employees. Gag orders need to be made unlawful, regardless of settlements with employees.



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